The Project

We want to give maximum profits to our investors. This is our first project. It all starts from there.
We want every investor who buys STR to be rewarde


there will be contests and games organized to reward our STR token holders.
There is also a tax for each transaction that token holders will receive in BTC in their wallet.

We are going to develop our first game on ANDROID and IOS. The game will consist of making WOLVES evolve in the forest. You will receive $ STR tokens each stage.
You will be able to tame and evolve your wolf and then sell it to anothers players. Rewards and transactions will be in $STR

NFTs :
We are going to create NFTs. Wolves that have disappeared from the world ( forest,hill and Mountain )

Safe the Wolves :
we want to save all races of wolves in the world. We also want, if we have the possibility, to finance a reproduction system.

Partnerships :
We hope to have the support of great personalities such as Kristen Stewart (Charlie’s Angel ) of Dog Soldier

You understand it, we want to give maximum luck and profits to the holders of $STR tokens. There will be games, apps and wolves !