Welcome To $STR


Day after day, people are lured into scams trought the blockchain.

These scams destroy within the community and prevent prosperity in legitimate projects.

Starewards envisions a future where these situations are eradicated from our community.

$STR strives to build the safe haven the community desperately needs. 




STAREWARDS is a blockchain based, deflationary token with Auto-Liquidity compiling technology. Currently deployed and governed on the Binance Smart Chain, $STR plans to bridge over to the Solana Chain as well as the Ethereum Network.

STAREWARDS is not only a token, but will also be an organization that brings security and privacy to it’s investors. $STR smart contract will be audited by Techrate, where all deficiencies will be corrected.

This Whitepaper, know as STAREWARDS,will discuss and explain STAREWARDS’s plans and goals



STAREWARDS is a deflationary based utility token. With each transaction transaction the total supply diminishes. Every transaction, be it a buy, sell or transfer from wallet to wallet have a 11% tax imposed on it .

BURN FEATURE : The burning procedure is manual. Every month, 5% of the supply will be burned.

MARKETING and DEVELOPMENT FEE : 5% of every transaction is sent to STAREWARDS Multi strategy wallet for marketing and development. By doing so this ensures longevity and stability of the project by providing a constant budget for future marketing.

Liquidity STAREWARDS  : 1% of every transaction will be sent to the STAREWARDS contract.

each holder of STAREWARDS tokens will receive rewards in Bitcoin. On each transaction there is a tax of 5% which is automatically distributed to each holder of STAREWARDS tokens. you will need a minimum of 10,000 tokens to benefit from REWARDS


Burn Feature :
The gradual burning of tokens will guarantee investors. There will be fewer tokens in circulation and this will give additional value

Marketing and development Fee :

5% of every transaction is sent to $STR marketing wallet for development. By doing so this ensures longevity and stability of the project by providing a constant budget for futur marketing

Team Wallets :
The three team members each own 1% of the supply. the team cannot sell its tokens for 6 months. this will allow the team not to influence the growth when launching STAREWARDS.

token holders will receive BITCOIN if they have a minimum of 10,000 STAREWARDS tokens.This reward will motivate the token holders to do propaganda. It is by giving rewards that investors will be active with STAREWARDS.


Phase I

Community Launch ( TELEGRAM and Tweeter )
Website Launch
Liquidity Locked

Phase II

Coinmarketcap Listing
CoinGecko Listing
NFT collection Development
Poocoin Ads and Marketing with Youtuber
AMAs with reputable groups
Community Events
Tweeter and Telegram Expansion

Phase III

organization of contests for a charity
start of the development of wolf protection
development of a video game ANDROID and IOS ( THE WOLVES GAME )


Sponsors for the WOLVES GAME
use of the tokens in the future game ( utility tokens )
reproduction of REAL Wolves


More Wolves
More Games
More NFTs